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Cave-Temples in the Regions of the Pandya, Muttaraiya, Atiyaman and Ay Dynasties in Tamil Nadu and Kerala (In 3 Volumes)

D. Dayalan (Author) Architectural Survey of Temples

Contents: Part-1: 1. Introduction. 2. Historical Setting. 3. The Architectural Milleu and Ethos. 4. The Sculptural Style and Idiom. 5. Lower Rock-cut Cave- temple, Tiruvellarai. 6. Unfinished Rock-cut Cave-temple, Tiruvellarai. 7. Siva Cave-temple, Tirunvellarai. 8. Siva Cave-temple, Tiruppainjili. 9. Vishnu Cave-temple, Malaiyatippati. 10. Siva(Vagidvara) Cave- temple, Malaiyatippati. 11. Parvatagirisvarar Cave- temple, Kunnandarkoyil. 12. Vishnu Cave-temple, Narttmalai. 13. Paliyili-Isvaram, Narttamalai. 14. Arivarkoyil (Jaina Cave- temple), Sittannavasal. 15. Unfinished Cave-temple, Mankuti. 16. Melaikkoyil (Tirumerrali) Cave-temple,Tirukokarnam. 17. Kokarnesvara Cave- temple, Tirukokarnam. 18. Siva Cave-temple, Tevarmalai. 19. Eastern Siva Cave- temple, Malaiyakkoyil. 20. Southern Siva Cave- temple, Malaiyakkoyil. 21. Satyagirisvara or Lower Cave-temple, Tirumayam. 22. Vishnu Cave-temple, Tirumayam. 23. Upper Siva Cave-temple, Tirumayam. 24. Siva Cave- temple,Kulalakkottaiyur. 25. Malaikkoluntesvara Cave-temple, Ayinkuti. 26. Pushpavanesvara Cave- temple, Puvalaikkuti. 27. Tirukkotunkunranathar Cave-temple, Piranmalai. 28. Siva(kakolanatha) Cave-temple, Tirukkolakkuti (Tirukkalakkuti). 29. Northern Cave-temple (Tirumalai Utaiya Mahadeva), Kunrakkuti. 30. Middle Cave-temple (Macileccuram), Kunrakkuti. 31. Southern Cave-temple, Kunrakkuti. 32. Siva Cave-temple, Makipalanpatti. 33. Karpaka Vinayakar Koyil, Pillaiyarpatti. 34. Siva Cave-temple, Aralippatti. 35. Minakshisundaresvarar Cave-temple, Tirumalai. 36. Ranganatha Cave- temple, Namakkal. 37. Narasimha Cave-temple, Namakkal. 38. Rock-cut Cave-temple, Tantonrimalai, Karur. Glossary.

Part- 2: 39. Itaicci Mandapam (Siva Cave-temple), Arittappatti. 40. Unfinished Cave-temple, Mankulam (Paraimalaiyan Ammanpatti). 41. Narasimha Cave-temple, Naracinkam (Anaimalai). 42. Subrahmanya Cave- temple(Ladankoyil), Naracinkam (Anaimalai). 43. Udayagiresvara Cave- temple, Kunnattur. 44. Asthagiresvara Cave- temple, Kunnattur. 45. Nilakantesvara Cave- temple, Kunnattur. 46. Subrahmanya Cave- temple Complex, Tirupparankunram. 47. Umaiyandar Cave- temple, Tirupparankunram. 48. Unfinished Cave-temple, Kuttampuntiyan Valacu. 49. Rock-cut Cave-temple (Pambalamman Koyil), Cevalpatti. 50. Ranganatha Cave- temple, Tiruttangal. 51. Durga Niche, Tiruttangal. 52. Rock-cut Cave-temple, Chokkalingapuram (M. Putuppatti. 53. Malaikkoluntesvara Koyil (Siva Cave-temple), Muvaraivenran. 54. Siva Cave-temple, Paraikkulam (Tirucculi). 55. Rock-cut Cave-temple, Tirumalapuram. 56. Unfinished Cave-temple, Tirumalapuram. 57. Kailasanatha Cave- temple, Virasikamani. 58. Rock-cut Cave-temple, Anaiyur (Vatikkottai). 59. Rock-cut Cave-temple Malaiyatikkuricci. 60. Pecciyamman Cave- temple, Peccipparai, Chokkampatti. 61. Rock-cut Cave-temple, Anticcipparai, Alankaraperi. 62. Kalugacalamurti Cave- temple, Kalugumalai. 63. Rock-cut cave, Manappatu. 64. Ranganatha Cave- temple, Tiruccentur. 65. Valli Cave-temple, Tiruccentur. 66. Bhatalingesvara Cave- temple, Bhutapandi. 67. Umesvaramutaiya Nayinar Tirukkoyil, Tuvarangadu. 68. Avvaiyaramutaiya Rock-cut Cell, Kurattiyarai. 69. Mahadevar Cave-temple, Sivagiri, Alvarkoyil. 70. Rock-cut Cave-temple, Tirunantikkarai. 71. Rock-cut Cave-temple, Vilinjam. 72. Siva Rock-cut Cave- temple, Madavurpara (Airurppara. 73. Siva Rock-cut Cave- temple, Kottukkal. Appendix. Bibliography. Glossary.

Part- 3: 0. Rock-cut Technique. 1. Tirucchirappalli: Lower Rock-cut Cave-temple. 2. Tiruvellarai: Unfinished Cave-temple. 3. Tiruvellarai: Siva Cave- temple. 4. Tiruppainjili: Siva Cave- temple. 5. Malaiyatippatti: Vishnu Cave-temple. 6. Malayatippatti: Siva (Vagisvara) Cave-temple. 7. Kunnandarkoyil: Parvatagirisvarar Cave-temple. 8. Narttamalai: Vishnu Cave- temple. 9. Narttamalai: Paliyili- Isvaram Cave-temple. 10. Narttamalai: Unfinished Cave-temple. 11. Sittannavasal: Arivarkoyil (Jaina Cave-temple). 12. Mankuti: Unfinished Cave-temple. 13. Kutumiyanmalai: Melaikkoyil (Tirumerrali) Cave-temple. 14. Tirukokarnam: Kokarnesvara Cave-temple. 15. Tevarmalai: Siva Cave- temple. 16. Malaiyakkoyil: Eastern Siva Cave-temple. 17. Malaiyakkoyil: Southern Siva Cave-temple. 18. Tirumayam: Satyagirisvara or Lower Siva Cave-temple. 19. Tirumayam: Vishnu Cave-temple. 20. Tirumayam: Upper Siva Cave-temple. 21. Kulalakkottaiyur: Siva Cave-temple. 22. Ayinkuti: Malaikkoluntesvara Cave-temple. 23. Puvalaikkuti: Pushpavananesvara Cave-temple. 24. Piranmalai: Tirukkotunkuranathar Cave-temple. 25. Tirukkolakkuti (Tirukkalakkuti): Siva (Kakolanatha) Cave-temple. 26. Kunrakkuti: Northern Cave-temple (Tirumalai Utaiya Mahadeva). 27. Kunrakkuti: Middle Cave-temple (Macileccuram). 28. Kunrakkuti: Southren Cave-temple. 29. Makipalanpatti: Siva Cave-temple. 30. Pillaiyarpatti: Karpaka Vinayakar Koyil. 31. Aralipatti: Siva Cave- temple. 32. Tirumalai: Minakshisundaresvarar Cave-temple. 33. Namakkal: Ranganatha Cave-temple. 34. Namakkal: Narasimha Cave-temple. 35. Tantonrimalai, karur: Rock-Cut Cave-temple. 36. Arittapatti: Itaicci Mandapam (Siva Cave-temple). 37. Mankulam (Paraimalaiyan Ammanpatti) : Unfinished Cave- temple. 38. Naracinkam (Anaimalai) : Narasimha Cave-temple. 39. Naracinkam (Anaimalai) : Subrahmanya Cave-temple (Ladankoyil). 40. Kunnattur: Udayagiresvara Cave-temple. 41. Kunnattur: Asthagiresvara Cave-temple. 42. Kunnattur: Nilakantrsvara Cave-temple. 43. Tirupparankunram : Subrahmanya Cave-temple complex. 44. Tirupparankunram : Umaiyandar Cave-temple. 45. Kuttampuntiyan Valacu: Unfinished Cave-temple. 46. Cevalpatti: Rock-cut Cave-temple (Pambalamman koyil). 47. Tiruttangal: Ranganatha Cave-temple. 48. Tiruttangal: Durga Niche. 49. Chokkalingapuram (M.Puduppati): Rock-cut Cave-temple. 50. Muvaraivenran: Malaikkoluntesvarar Koyil (Siva Cave-temple). 51. Paraikulam (Tirucculi) : Siva Cave-temple. 52. Tirumalapuram: Rock- cut Cave-temple. 53. Tirumalapuram : Unfinished Cave-temple. 54. Virasikamani: Kailasanatha Cave-temple. 55. Anaiyur (Vatikkottai): Rock-cut Cave-temple. 56. Malayatikkuricci: Rock- cut Cave-temple. 57. Peccipparai, Chokkampatti: Pecciyamman Cave-temple. 58. Anticcipparai, Alamkaraperi: Rock-cut Cave-temple. 59. Kalugumalai: Kalugacalamurti Cave-temple. 60. Manappatu: Rock-cut Cave-temple. 61. Tiruccentur: Ranganatha Cave-temple. 62. Tiruccentur: Valli Cave- temple. 63. Bhautapandi: Bhutalingesvara Cave-temple. 64. Tuvarangadu: Umesvaramutaiya Nayinar Tirukkoyil. 65. Kurattiyarai: Avvaiyaramman Rock-Cut Cell. 66. Sivagiri, Alvarkoyil: Mahadevar Cave-temple. 67. Tirunantikarai: Rock-Cut Cave-temple. 68. Vilinjam: Rock-Cut Cave-temple. 69. Madavurpara (Airurppara) : Siva Rock-Cut Cave-temple. 70. Kottukkal: Siva Rock- Cut Cave-temple. 71. Pallapuram: Attempt for cave excavation.

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About the author

D. Dayalan

Dr. D. Dayalan presently working as Deputy Superintending Archaeologist in the Archaeological Survey of India, Vadodara Circle, Vadodara, obtained his Master’s Degree in Ancient History and Archaeology from the University of Madras and Post-gradute Diploma in Archaeology from School of Archaeology, New Delhi. He stood first in M.A. received the award. He holds Doctorate degree from the Nagpur University, Narpur in 1990. Since his inception in the Archaeological Survey of India in 1984, he has actively participated in the exploration and excavations. He discovered a good number of sites through his explorations in Tamil Nadu, Kerala and Madhya Pradesh and participated in several excavations of Ramapuram, Vallam, Aurovalle, Darasuram, Arikamedu, Mamallapuram, Sanchi, Satdhara, Kanaganahalli, Hampi, etc. Dr. Dayalan author of two books, Early Temples of Tamil Nadu: Their Role in socio-Economic Life (c.A.D. 550-925) and Monolithic Temples of Madhya Pradesh has contributed several research papers to leading journals on Archaeology, Epiraphy, Numismatics, Art and Architecture. He is a recognised examiner for Doctoral examination for many Universited. He has been invited in 1993 to Sweden to deliver lectures in Uppsala University. He also visited France, United Kingdom and Germany in academic ventures. In 2001 he has participated in the ACCU International Exchange Programme under the UNESCO/Japan Funds-in-Trust for the promotion of International Co-operation and studied the Management system and Conservation of various World Heritage Monuments in Japan.

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Title Cave-Temples in the Regions of the Pandya, Muttaraiya, Atiyaman and Ay Dynasties in Tamil Nadu and Kerala (In 3 Volumes)
Author D. Dayalan
Format Hardcover
Date published: 07.05.2015
Edition 1st. ed.
Language: English
length xlv+1364 pages., Illustrations; Colour; Maps