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The Coins of the Dutch East Indies: An Introduction to the Study of the Series

Authors (s): John Bucknill (Author)
Format: Hardcover
ISBN-10: 8120614488
Pages: xii+292p., Illustrations; Abbreviations; Bibliography; Index.
Pub. date: 01.01.2000, Reprint
Publisher: Asian Educational Services
Language (s): English
Bagchee ID: BB10367
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Overview for The Coins of the Dutch East Indies: An Introduction to the Study of the Series

The coinage which has been issued for the special use of the Dutch East Indies or, as they are often designated, the Netherlands Indies--that vast Empire in the far east which, save for a very centuries, more or less under the control of the Dutch--presents, for a variety of reasons, peculiarly interesting features to the numismatist whether he be a student or a mere collector. In the first place, the long series, stretching back to the year 1601, displays, chronologically, somewhat parallel, but entirely different, issues minted, for Oriental use, either in the Netherlands or in Java and unlike each other not only in design but even, often, in denomination. Secondly, apart from this main division, the whole series can very conveniently be partitioned into several natural groups determined by political changes or the accession of a new monarch. The rough table on pages 4 and 5 indicates at a glance these simple compartments. Thirdly, in addition to containing, as the table shows, gold,

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