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Encyclopedia of Flora and Fauna of Bangladesh, Volume 19: Arthropoda: Insecta I: Apterygota and Pterygota

Zia Uddin Ahmed (Editor)

1. Family Lepismatidae: i. Genus Lepisma Linnaeus. 2. Family Baetidae: i. Genus Cloeon Leach. 3. Family Caenidae: i. Genus Caenis Stephens. 4. Family Palingeniidae: i. Genus Anagenesia Eaton. 5. Family Coenagriidae: i. Genus Aciagrion Selys. ii. Genus Agriocnemis Selys. iii. Genus Caconeura Kirby. ... 6. Family Agriidae: i. Genus Allophaea Fraser. ii. Genus Anisopleura Selys. iii. Genus Bayadera Selys. ... 7. Family Aeshnidae: i. Genus Aeshna Fabricius. ii. Genus Anax Leach. iii. Genus Gynacantha Rambur. ... 8. Family Gomphidae: i. Genus Anisogomphus Selys. ii. Genus Anormogomphus Selys. iii. Genus Gomphidia Selys. ... 9. Family Cordulegasteridae: i. Genus Allogaster Selys. ii. Genus Anotogaster Selys. 10. Family Libellulidae: i. Genus Acisoma Rambur. ii. Genus Aethriamanta Kirby. iii. Genus Agrionoptera Brauer. ... 11. Family Acrididae: i. Genus Acrida Linnaeus. ii. Genus Acrotylus Fieber. iii. Genus Aeolopus Fieber. ... 12. Family Pyrgomorphidae: i. Genus Chrotogonus Saussure. 13. Family Tetrigidae: i. Genus Hedotettix Bolivar. ii. Genus Euparatettix Hancock. iii. Genus Ergatettix Kirby. 14. Family Schizodactylidae: i. Genus Schizodactylus Brulle. 15. Family Tettigoniidae: i. Genus Euconocephalus Karny. ii. Genus Mecopoda Serville. iii. Genus Sathrophyllia Stal. 16. Family Eneopteridae: i. Genus Xenogryllus Bolivar. 17. Family Gryllidae: i. Genus Brachytrypes Serville. ii. Genus Euscyrtus Guerin. iii. Genus Gryllus Linnaeus. 18. Family Gryllotalpidae: i. Genus Gryllotalpa Latreille. ii. Genus Scapteriscus Scudder. 19. Family Tridactylidae: i. Genus Tridactylus Olivier. 20. Family Phasmidae. 21. Family Phyllidae. 22. Family Pygidicranidae: i. Genus Diplatys Serville. ii. Genus Haplodiplatys Hincks. iii. Genus Paradiplatys Zacher. 23. Family Anisolabididae: i. Genus Anisolabella Zacher. ii. Genus Euborellia Burr. 24. Family Labiduridae: i. Genus Nala Zacher. ii. Genus Forcipula Bilivar. iii. Genus Labidura Leach. ... 25. Family Apachyidae: i. Genus Apachyus Serville. 26. Family Chelisochidae: i. Genus Chelisoches. ii. Genus Hamaxas Burr. 27. Family Forficulidae: i. Genus Eudhornia Burr. ii. Genus Forficula Linnaeus. iii. Genus Proreus Burr. 28. Family Blattidae: i. Genus Periplaneta Burmeister. ii. Genus Blatta Linnaeus. iii. Genus Neostylopyga Shelford. 29. Family Blattellidae: i. Genus Blattella Caudell. ii. Genus Ectobius Olivier. iii. Genus Parcoblatta Brunner. ... 30. Family Pycnoscelidae: i. Genus Pycnoscelus Linnaeus. 31. Family Panesthidae: i. Genus Panesthia Serville. ii. Genus Salganea Stal. 32. Family Mantidae: i. Genus Mantis (Linnaeus). 33. Family Hymenopodidae: i. Genus Creoborter Audinet-Serville. 34. Family Indotermitidae: i. Genus Indotermes Roonwal and Sen-Sarma. 35. Family Kalotermitidae: i. Genus Cryptotermes Banks. ii. Genus Glyptotermes Froggattt. iii. Genus Neotermes Holmgren. 36. Family Rhinotermitidae: i. Genus Coptotermes Wasmann. ii. Genus Heterotermes Froggatt. ... 37. Family Stylotermitidae: i. Genus Stylotermes Holmgren and Holmgren. 38. Family Termitidae: i. Genus Ahmaditermes Akhtar. ii. Genus Bulbitermes Emerson. iii. Genus Dicuspiditermes Krishna. ... 39. Family Menoponidae: i. Genus Menacanthus Neumann. ii. Genus Menopon Nitzsch. 40. Family Philopteridae: i. Genus Goniocotes Burmeister. ii. Genus Lipeurus Nitzsch. 41. Family Trichodectidae: i. Genus Damalinia Mjoberg. 42. Family Haematopinidae: i. Genus Haematopinus Leach. 43. Family Linognathidae: i. Genus Linognathus Enderlien. ii. Genus Solenopotes Enderlein. 44. Family Pediculidae: i. Genus Pediculus Linnaeus. ii. Genus Phthirus Leach. Glossary. References. Index. Index of English and local names.

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Title Encyclopedia of Flora and Fauna of Bangladesh, Volume 19: Arthropoda: Insecta I: Apterygota and Pterygota
Format Hardcover
Date published: 23.09.2008
Edition 1st ed.
Language: English
isbn 9843000002860
length xxvi+275p., Figures; Plates.