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Science of Divine Sound (A Latest Research on Self and God Realization with the Medium of Sound)

Sri Yogeshwaranand Paramhans (Author)

His Holiness, Revered Swami Yogeshwaranand Ji Saraswati Maharaj has, for the benefit of the seekers of spiritual knowledge, written the present volume, "Science of Divine Sound" with much subtlety of intellect and depth. The aspirants hae been offered numerable techniques of self – and God realization by means of sound and mantra in the book. In it have been described 108 types of sound and mantras for the realization of self and God in various elements as also the realization of causal prakriti. Brahman's relation of 'pervader and the pervaded' with the various transforming states of prakriti and the realization of these states have been explained. Just as in our earlier book of 'Science of vital Force' and 'Science of Divine Light' respectively, in various object have been explained, even so, in this book of 'Science of Divine Sound' a variety of techniques for the realization of self, God and prakriti have been given in details, Readers will be able to grasp this knowledge without much difficulty. The present volume was written by revered Swamiji during his month camp at Pahalgam (Kashmir). This ashram is situated in a very quiet and peaceful area. The area is surrounded by various types of trees such as, pine deodar as also the snowcapped mountains full of greenery. Hard by the ashram flows the river, Lider. Its water makes the murmuring sound by striking against the rocks. This sound drowns away other sounds. It is a very congenial place for the practice of meditation. Not only the present volume but the previous ones, viz. 'The Essential Colourlessness of the Absolute', 'Science of Vital Force' and 'Science of Divine Light' were also written here. In the present volume sound has been considered as the chief object and many techniques of self – and God-realisation through sound and recitation of mantras of the nature of sound have been considered. These will enable the aspirants without the doubt or fallacy, to have these realizations. The experience of self and God through sound in 108 types of akashas in the body has been described. This knowledge has been made much simpler and easy to grasp with the help of six pictures which show the process so that seekers of even average intelligence are able to understand. The object of this book is to elucidate Brahma-realisation by sound and make it simple to understand and easy to grasp. The considerable importance of sound, and pranava (OM) and mantras has been explained. Attempt has been made to make difficult sections of the books easily comprehensible. By means of Patanjali's eightfold yoga, Revered Maharaj ji has shown many techniques of self and Brahma-realisation in his books. By studying his books and practising accordingly one can attain self-realisation in a single life and be liberated. By studying this book, the readers will feel that even by sound alone one can reach the stages of self – and Brahma-realisation. By studying his books and practising accordingly one can attain self-realisation in a single life and be liberated. By studying this book, the readers will feel that even by sound alone one can reach the stages of self – and Brahma – realisation. There are four chapters in this book. In the first chapter, the genesis o the universe and the manifestation of the first sound have been described. In the process of origination of the universe, the elements also came into being. The second chapter discusses the creation of the gross world and gross bodies, the manifestation of jivatma by the contact of Brahman with the chittas in the gross world for the causal body. The third chapter explains the creation of gross bodies, the production of sound in the ten types of akasha in the gross body, self – realisation by means of sound and Brahma-realisation by sound in the akashas of Brahmarandhra and the organ of audition. The topics of discussion in the fourth chapter are: Brahma – realisation by sound in thirty types of akasha in the subtle body, description of the individual and cosmic substances in the causal body and the existence of twelve cosmic substances in the macro-causal body in the form of Brahmic world. The pervasions of Brahman in all of them and the means of Brahma-realisation have been explained. In the quiescent state of prakriti, sound and prana in the forms of knowledge and action continued to work and prakriti was acquiring a new vitality forsaking its decadence and agendence and agedness to be able to start afresh the process of creation. The quiescent state has been described at great length for Brahma-realisation. By the study and teaching as well as actual practice the seekers can acquire true knowledge, attain supreme dispassion and be liberated from the bondage of worldly fetters. The means of liberation has been described in the Atharvaveda as follows: "The self-abiding in the inner instrument (psychic apparatus), senses and body is purified by yama, niyama, asana-pranayama, pratyahara (withdrawal of senses), concentration, contemplation and Samadhi, by restraint, control, indifference, forbearance, faith and contemplation or by Samadhi. I am explaining to you the removal of sins of self by the practice of yoga". In this mantra, the eightfold path and the sixfold path of liberation from the bondage of rebirth and sins have been suggested. In the present book, both these paths of yoga have been described at great length. For the realisation of self, God, prakriti and its evolutes, we have described here divine sound of 108 types, 30 in the gross body, 30 in the subtle body, 12 in the causal body and 36 in the macro-causal body. We earnestly hope that the aspirants will be successful in achieving their goal of liberation by following the path shown by revered Maharaj ji

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Title Science of Divine Sound (A Latest Research on Self and God Realization with the Medium of Sound)
Format Softcover
Date published: 31.12.2014
Edition 1st ed.
Publisher Yog Niketan Trust
Language: English
isbn 9878192640006
length 212p., 8 Colour Illustrations; 8.4" X 5.3"cm.