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Morphology of the Angiosperms

Arthur J. Eames (Author)

Contents: Preface. 1. The Plant Body: The Root, The Shoot, The Anatomy of the Plant Body,The Ontogeny of the Plant Body, Secondary Vascular Tissues and the Cambium Bibliography. 2. The Inflorescence: Classification, Reduced Inflorescence, Phylogeny of the Inflorescence, Bibliography. 3. The Flower– Basic Structure,The Primitive Flower Reduction in the Flower, Bibliography. 4. The Androecium: Classification by Arrangement on the Receptacle,Reduction in the Androecium. Fusion in the Androeciume in the androecium, The Androeciume under Zygomorphy, Ontogeny of the Androecium, The Stamen – The Primitive Stamen, The Anther, The Filament,The Sporangia, Anthersac Wall and "Sporangium Wall"; Unusual Forms and Arrangements of Stamens, Anatomy of the Stamen, Ontogeny of the Stamen Morphological nature of the Stamen; Nectaries, Bibliography. 5. Pollen – Arrangement of pollen grains in the tetrad; Structure of the Exine, Pollen-grain Types, Pollen-grain Development, Sequence within the Sporangium, Palynology Dehiscence of the Anther, Pollination, The Male Gametophyte – The Pollen Tube,The Tube Nucleus,Male Gametes, Terminology of the male gametophyte, Bibliography. 6. The Gynoecium: The Carpel – Form of the carpel, Closure of the carpel, The Complex Carpel, Modification of the Follicular Carpel,The Solid Carpel, The Stigma and Transmitting Tissue, Placentation; Morphological Nature of the Carpel; Axial Nature of the Carpel, Ontogeny of the Carpel, Anatomy of the Carpel, Syncarpy, The Inferior Ovary, Bibliography. 7. The Ovule – Definition of the Ovule, Form and Orientation of the Ovule, Ovule Number,Outogeny of the Ovule,Anatomy of the Ovule; Reduction in the Ovule,The Nature of the Angiosperm Ovule,Bibliography. 8. Archesporium – Megaspore Mother Cell. Megasporogenesis,The Embryo Sac – Embryo-sac Types, Theories of the Morphological Nature of the Embryo Sac.; The Endosperm – Types of Endosperm Formation,Cytological Make-up of the Endosperm, Ruminate Endosperm, Nature of the Endosperm. 9. Fertilization, The Embryo – Germination, The Angiosperm Embryo at Germination and Early Seedling Stages.Polyembryony, Anatomy of the Embryo and Young Seedling, The Two Major Types of Angiosperm Embryos, The Primitive Angiosperm Embryo, The Primitive Angiosperm Embryo. 10. The Seed – Size of Seeds, Structure of the Seeds, The fruit – Dehiscence, Pericarp, the Integuments in Fruits, Evolutionary Relationship of Fruit Types, Bibliography. 11. Note on The Morphology of Selected Families, Ranales – Winteraceae, Lactoridaceae, Magnoliaceae, Annonaceae, Eupomatiaceae; Himantandraceae, Degeneriaceae, Myristicaceae, Schisandraceae, Illiciaceae, Calycanthaceae, Trochodendraceae and Tetracentraceae, Austrobaileyaceae, Cereidiphyllaceae, Monimiaceae, Amborellaceae; Eupteleaceae, Ceratophyllaceae, Ranunculaceae, Lardizabalaceae, Sargentodoxaceae, Berberidaceae, Nymphaeaceae and Cabombaceae, Lauraceae,Some Families Less Well Known Morphologically,Commonly Placed in the Ranales (Hernandiaceae, Canellacese, Trimeniaceae), Discussion and Summary of the Ranales, Dilleniales – Dilleniaceae, Paeoniaceae;,Crossomataceae, Piperales – Chloranthaceae, Verticillatae (Casuarinales) – Casuarinaceae, Helobiales, Liliales – The Primitive Liliaceae, Palmae – Habit, The Leaf, Inflorescence, The Flower,The Fruit Discussion, Bibliography. 12. Phylogeny of the Angiosperms – Relation of Monocotyledons to Dicotyledons, Origin of Angiosperms, Age of Angiosperms. Bibliography. General Bibliography. Index.

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Title Morphology of the Angiosperms
Format Hardcover
Date published: 31.12.2015
Edition Reprint.
Publisher United Book Prints
Language: English
isbn 9789383692248
length 518p., 148 Figures; Tables