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Diseases of Ear, Nose, Throat and Respiratory System (Volume 3)

Authors (s): Prakash Vakil (Author)
Format: Hardcover
ISBN-10: 8174670823
Pages: x+285p.; Bibliography; 26cm.
Pub. date: 10.08.2003, 3rd ed.
Publisher: Indian Books & Periodical Syndicate
Language (s): English
Bagchee ID: BB42607
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Overview for Diseases of Ear, Nose, Throat and Respiratory System (Volume 3)

It should have been relatively easier to bring out this volume after bringing out the difficult ones like the one on Central Nervous System and Cardio Vascular System.  However, it took a little longer than expected because of unforeseen circumstances. A chart of "Different Positions of Relief in Dyspnoea" is also supplied with this book.  it is based on various standard Homoeopathic books.  It can be removed from the book and can be pasted on or kept on the table of the practitioners for ready reference.  Even a patient can look at it and point out the position of relief.  Some nasal, pharyngeal and laryngeal conditions have been included in this book.  sinusitis, tonsillitis, otitis media, nasal polyp etc., are not included here but they will be discussed in the volume on Surgical conditions.  However, a condition like lung abscess is included here.  Pulmonary tumors, respiratory manifestation of systemic diseases, diseases of the mediastinum, diseases of the chest wall of diseases of the diaphragm have not been discussed in this volume.  A special sub chapter co-relating the pathological findings and Homoeopathic remedies for sputum can be observed in this book along with other clinical manisfestation.  Although some persons would think this to be a part of pathology, a physican can always select a medicine from the naked-eye appearance of the sputum.  The important features of this book: New Scientific approach, Illustrations for better understanding, Examination findings of different remedies, List of important common and rare remedies, A description of important remedies, A short summary of the important symptoms those remedies in the margin so that it can be a ready reference to the student, several interesting cases.

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