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  • Fantastic Service!

    (10, December, 2009) By, Chris Coon

    The books came today! All the way from India. Thanks again for the fantastic
    service and I will spread the word. These books are linked to my tabla teacher
    which makes them really special. Tears flowed when they arrived.
  • Thank you!

    (26, November, 2009) By, Fern

    Many thanks for my order which arrived yesterday. Please convey my thanks also to the person who packed up the parcel! I have never seen anything so neat and beautifully packed up before. It took a long while before I wanted to unwrap it and destroy the handy work! However it was worth it as the DVD Om Colour Meditation is also truly wonderful!
  • Very Good Service!

    (28, October, 2009) By, Olga

    Your service is very good! I am appreciated to have business with you!
  • Great Service

    (20, October, 2009) By, Kalim Fuzail

    Thank you so much for following up on this. This two book set has a very special meaning to me because it has my grandfather's biography in it. I have been searching for this set for many years and can hardly believe that I am a few days away from having it in my hands. I hope Bagchee.com is hugely successful for many years to come.
  • Excellent Service

    (20, October, 2009) By, Judith Havas

    I have the items! Thank God it was not sent via post, as we have a postal strike! Long way to track to DHL headquarters but worthwhile. I will keep on recommending bagchee for excellent service.
  • First Choice for Indian Books!

    (01, July, 2009) By, Greg Hill

    Your company remains my first choice for acquiring Indian and related books.
  • fabulous!

    (07, June, 2009) By, PatrĂ­cia Valente

    I would like to thank you for the message and tell you that I have already received the books. They are fabulous! So are you. I am going to buy more titles in the near future.
  • FANTASTIC shopping experience

    (05, May, 2009) By, Karan Jain, New Jersey, USA

    Baghee.com is a FANTASTIC shopping experience. I wanted to get an unavailable title and a representative personally assisted me and ensured that I was kept updated throughout the ordering process. The pricing was reasonable and the cutting-edge website is a breeze to use. The book arrived within days and the packaging was immaculate. Bagchee.com is a perfect experience from start to finish.
  • Excellent site!

    (22, April, 2009) By, Michelle Short

    The new Bagchee website is excellent and looks great too! It is much better than the previous site, as this one allows me to update my information with ease and use different payment options. I appreciate the updates of new releases too - very useful.
  • Excellent Service!

    (10, April, 2009) By, Brad Smith

    Thank you so much for such excellent service. I was shocked how quickly I received my items. Everything was in excellent condition. I will definitely shop Bagchee again. Great job.
  • First Class Service!

    (10, April, 2009) By, Jennefer Rose

    From the order acknowledgement onwards I feel that I have had a first class service. The items were dispatched and arrived within days, and the prices are competitive for both the goods and the shipping.
  • Fast Service!

    (10, April, 2009) By, Joe Polett

    Bagchee is interesting because it only sells books that deal with Indian perspective. What a rich resource for globalization studies. I ordered books from Bagchee and Barnes and Nobles on the same day. The Bagchee order arrived 10 days prior to Barnes and Noble.
  • Excellent in Usability Perspective!

    (10, April, 2009) By, Karan Jain

    The overall look and feel of your site is very sleek and user-friendly. The checkout process with collabsible tabs on the same page is a VERY good idea because going through 4 separate pages for the 4 step process is a hassle. In this regard, even amazon.com could take a lesson for its checkout! The short answer is that your implementation is better than BN from a usability perspective. With BN you have an auto-play component that can plays a movie at a constant rate. With your site, I have a manual drag feature which lets me control the location at which I want to stop and how I fast I can get there.
  • Promt Customer Service!

    (14, February, 2009) By, Aline Croft

    What a great customer support bagchee has!!