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Manah Shanti: The Peace We Seek

Artist (s): Gundecha Brothers , Hari Prasad Chaurasia , Shri Vilas Dixit , Tatwamasi Dixit , Hari Om Sharan
Format: MP3
Release date: 31.12.2009
Label: Saregama
Number of disks: 1
Bagchee ID: BM1040
List price: US $ 20,00
Bagchee price: US $ 18,00
You save: (10.00%)
Member price: US $ 16,20 info

Manah Shanti: The Peace We Seek Track list

1 Inner Voice Signature Shloka
2 Aum Poorna Madam… (Shanti Mantra from the Eshopanishad)
3 Aum Bhadram Karnebhi…(Shanti Mantra from the Mandukkya Upanis
4 Aum Sahanavavatu… (Shanti Mantra from the Katha Upanishad)
5 Aum Vangme Manase… (Shanti Mantra from the Aitareya Upanishad
6 Asato Maa Sadgamaya… (Shanti Mantra from the Brihadaranyaopan
7 Aum Shano Mitrah… (Shanti Mantra from the Taittriya Upanishad
8 Dyuhu Shaantirantarikshyam… (Shanti Mantra from the Shukla Ya
9 Om (Thrice)
10 Om Satyam Vad Dharam Char
11 Matru Devo Bhav
12 Om Sahana Vavtu
13 Gurur Brahma
14 Tvamev Mata Cha Pita Tamev
15 Nana Dharm Nigudh Tatva
16 Chandanam Shitalam Loke
17 Narsya Bharanam Roopam
18 Lobh Mulani Papani
19 Purna Madah Purna Midam
20 Na Chor Haryam
21 Lobhat Krodhah Prabhvati
22 Ya Kunden Du Tusharhar
23 Na Mantram Na Yantram
24 Dhanam Bhaktimatam
25 Yesham Na Vidhya
26: Vidhyanam Narsya Roopam
27 Kokilanam Swaro Roopam
28 Kaam Krodh Lobh Moha
29 Asthiram Jivitam Like
30 Ganga Papam Shashi Tapam
31 Danay Laxmi
32 Aalasyam Hi Manushyanam
33 Dhairyam Yasya Pita Cha Janani
34 Jaganmatar Matah
35 Na Mantram Na Yantram
36 Sarvetra Sukhinah Santu
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