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  • Adding or Removing Items in Basket

    Choose the item that you wish to purchase. For more information on searching for products see Product Search. Once you have located your item, click "Add to Basket," located on the right-hand side of your screen. You will see a message telling you the item was added to your Basket, and you can choose to see your cart, or continue shopping. Choosing to continue shopping will keep you on the page where you clicked the "add to basket" button. If you decide that you no longer wish to purchase an item, you can click "Remove" in the basket." To increase the quantity of an item already in your shopping cart, simply change the quantity ." If you would like to save the item for a later purchase, click "Move to Wish List."

  • Creating an Account

    Having an account with us makes future purchasing easier. Your account provides the convenience of setting up an Address Book for future ordering, enables you to track your order or view order history, create and manage a Wish List.

    If you have already started shopping, you have the option of Creating an Account during checkout process.

  • Moving Wish List Items to Shopping Basket

    Items saved to your wish list can be added directly to your shopping basket.

    1. Sign in to your account. Click on "Wish List," located at the top of every page.

    2. Click on "Add to Basket," next to the item you wish to purchase.

    3. You will see a message telling you the item was added to your basket, and you can choose to see your basket, or continue shopping.

  • Product Search

    Bagchee offers an easy-to-use search tool.


    Quick Search:

    1. Enter your search term into the search field textbox.

    2. Click "Search."

    Once your initial search results are displayed, you can narrow your search results further by selecting additional refinement options such as Category or Genre, Format, Price or Popular Options like Bestsellers, Top Rated or New and Upcoming Releases.


  • Shopping Basket

    Items that you wish to purchase are placed in your virtual shopping Basket. You may edit or review the items in your basket at any time by clicking on "Basket" at the top of every page. If you would like to print the details of your shopping basket, click "print basket" at the upper right-hand corner of your screen. Items are retained in your shopping basket indefinitely provided you are logged in to your account when shopping. It is also important to note that adding items to your shopping basket does not necessarily lock in the price. Items in your Shopping basket reflect current prices. Prices may change between the time you place an item in your Shopping basket and when you actually complete your purchase. The final price charged for any item is the price at the time you complete your purchase.


  • Signing in to Your Account

    You may sign in to your account at any time during your visit. Just click on "Sign In" at the top of any page, and enter your username and password. If you are shopping and begin the checkout process as a shopper, you will be prompted to sign in before completing your order with us. If you would like to create or add items to a current Wish List, you will need to sign into your account first. Items added to a shopping cart will not be retained unless you have signed into your account.