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Kundalini Yoga: Illustrated

Authors (s): Swami Sivananda (Author)
Format: Softcover
ISBN-10: 8170520525
Pages: 270p., Illustrations; 22cm.
Pub. date: 31.12.2007, Reprint.
Publisher: The Divine Life Society
Language (s): English
Bagchee ID: BB41206
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Overview for Kundalini Yoga: Illustrated

O Divine Mother Kundalini, the Divine Cosmic Energy that is hidden in men! Thou art Kaali, Durga, Adisakti, Rajarajeswari, Tripurasundari, Maha-Lakshmi, Maha-Saraswati! Thou hast put on all these names and forms.  Thou hast manifested as Prana, electricity, force, magnetism, cohesion, gravitation in this universe.  This whole universe rests in Thy bosom.  Crores of salutations unto thee.  O Mother of this world! Lead me on to open the Sushumna Nadi and take Thee along the Chakras to Sahasrara Chakra and to merge myself in Thee and Thy consort, Lord Siva.  Kundalini Yoga is that Yoga which treats of Kundalini Sakti, the six centres of spiritual energy, the arousing of the sleeping Kundalini Sakti and its union with Lord Siva in Sahasrara Chakra, at the crown of the head.  This is an exact science.  This is also known as Laya Yoga.  The six centres are pierced by the passing of Kundalini Sakti to the top of the head.  'Kundala' means 'coiled'.  Her form is like a coiled serpent.  Hence the name Kundalini.
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