Agricultural Nanotechnology: Nanotech Inventions in Agricultural Sciences and their Technical Implications

Authors (s): Bill Atkinson (Editor) , Knut H. Heller (Editor)
Format: Hardcover
ISBN-10: 8178884607
Pages: lii+260p., 23cm.
Pub. date: 24.01.2007, 1st ed.
Publisher: Dominant Publishers and Distributors
Language (s): English
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Overview for Agricultural Nanotechnology: Nanotech Inventions in Agricultural Sciences and their Technical Implications

Nanotech is all set to create miracles that will induce not only technical and industrial but major social transformation as well. As the Nanotech Timeline in 'Auxilary Readings' section of this book points out a number of changes Nanotechnology will induce are far from believable. A few of them like molecular food and crops, robotic drug delivery and environmental cleaning, smart dust and smart field farming sound like fairy tales. But many of them are gradually being turned into reality with the convergence of technologies. States around the world are becoming aware and there is a remarkable shift in research fundings. Governments are writing their agenda and policies are being fabricated, but at much slower pace than the actual developments taking place. Absence of regulations might lead a fast growing technology to undesirable direction and this is what worries environmentalists and social scientists today. Agriculture, in terms of improving the production or genetic modification of crops for sustainability against diseases is going to be benefited a lot but measures have to be taken soon, to stop the potential of a new technology going in notorious hands. Universities in India are also slowly recognizing the revolution in the offing and have started including Nanotechnology in their curriculum. The book 'Agricultural nanotechnology' introduces the basics and gradually progresses to talk about the technical advancements being done in the field of Agricultural Sciences, Fisheries and Animal breeding. The text will be useful for the students and will make them aware of facts of a second green revolution, which is here, round the corner.

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