Swara Sancharas of Popular Janya Ragas

Authors (s): N.P. Ramaswamy (Author)
Format: Softcover
Pages: ii+xv+129p., Index; 29cm.
Pub. date: 01.01.2005, 1st ed.
Publisher: N.P. Ramaswamy
Language (s): English
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Overview for Swara Sancharas of Popular Janya Ragas

Swara Sanchara of Popular Janya Ragas is a boon to the beginner, a refresher to the vocalist and a maestro's magnificent source of training made available by an accomplished and erudite expert.  The art of expression with facility and felicity, the manner of simplified presentation with popular appeal are the hall mark of this fascinating musical handbook.  The subject has been dealt with the ease and dexterity of a master.  Why, Ramaswamy is a versatile master, an innovative writer and one committed to Karnatic Music as an upasaka.  His father N.R.P. Iyer who was himself a notable musician is rewarded by a son who is a scientist turned artist of renown.  The author rightly highlights one unique fact: Certain music books available in thje market, include raga lakshanas of a few ragas but there the phrases given are too short for the student to grasp the sancharas properly.  Also there is no single book for reference, which gives a proper knowledge of all the popular Janya Ragas.  This book has both the advantages-it contains most of the popular janya ragas and also elaborate swara sancharas of these ragas.
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