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Tantrapuspanjali: Tantric Traditions and Philosophy of Kashmir

Authors (s): Pandit H.N. Chakravarty (Author) , Bettina Sharada Baumer (Editor) , Hamsa Stainton (Editor)
Format: Hardcover
ISBN-13: 9788173055904
Pages: xxxiv+380p., Illus. Colour 25; Black and White 13; 17cm x 25cm.
Pub. date: 19.01.2018, 1st ed.
Publisher: Aryan Books International
Language (s): English
Bagchee ID: BB112324
List price: US $ 74,00
Bagchee price: US $ 66,60
You save: (10.00%)
Member price: US $ 59,94 info

Overview for Tantrapuspanjali: Tantric Traditions and Philosophy of Kashmir

Pandit H.N. Chakravarty (1918-2011) was a traditional scholar of Tantra and Kashmir Saivism in Varanasi who contributed much to the continued teaching of the tradition. The present volume is a tribute to his memory by some of his students and admirers. It contains original articles on important Tantras and Tantric traditions of Kashmir (by Bettina Sharada Baumer, Advaitavadini Kaul, Mark Dyczkowski, Annette Wilke, John Dupuche) and on the philosophy and aesthetics of non-dualist Kashmir Saivism (by John Nemec, Navjivan Rastogi, Mrinal Kaul, Sadananda Das, David Peter Lawrence, Ernst Furlinger, Aleksandra Wenta, Hamsa Stainton). The volume is illustrated with biographical photos and iconographical images.

Contents: Foreword/Sachchidanand Joshi. Preface/Advaitavadini Kaul. Introduction. Pandit Hemendra Nath Chakravarty: Scholar, Teacher, Sadhaka/Bettina Sharada Baumer. Mudra Photos. Tantrapuspanjali: Offerings in Memory of a True Pandit/Hamsa Stainton. Section One: Tantra. 1. The Yoga of the Netra Tantra: A Translation of Chapters VII and VIII with Introduction/Bettina Sharada Baumer. 2. Svacchanda Bhairava: Blissful Spontaneous Will of Siva/Advaitavadini Kaul. 3. The Khacakrapancakastotra, Hymn to the Five Spheres of Emptiness: Introduction, Edition and Translation/Mark Dyczkowski. 4. Varahi Worship in the Parasurama-Kalpasutra: A Study of Imagination and Transformation in Kaula Srividya/Annette Wilke. 5. The Wisdom of Excess: Guru, Initiation and Practice in an Extreme Tantric Ritual/John Dupuche. Section Two: Philosophy. 6. The Body and Consciousness in Early Pratyabhijna Philosophy: Amurtatva in Somananda’s Sivadrsti/John Nemec. 7. A Brief Hermeneutical Note on Consciousness in Utpaladeva’s Pratyabhijna Texts/Navjivan Rastogi. 8. Ontological Hierarchy in the Tantraloka of Abhinavagupta/Mrinal Kaul. 9. Purnata-pratyabhijna, The Recognition of Fullness of M.M. Acarya Rameshvar Jha: An Introduction/Sadananda Das. 10. Pratyabhijna Philosophy and the Evolution of Consciousness: Religious Metaphysics, Biosemiotics and Cognitive Science/David Peter Lawrence. Section Three: Aesthetics. 11. The Doctrine of Pratibha in Selected Texts of Abhinavagupta/Ernst Furlinger. 12. Smell: The Sense Perception of Recognition/Aleksandra Wenta. 13. Poetry and Ksemaraja’s Hermeneutics of Non-dualism/Hamsa Stainton. Post-Scripts: 14. Ksana: Its Spiritual Significance/Pt. Hemendra Nath Chakravarty. 15. Posthumous Letter to Panditji Hemendra Nath Chakravarty/Bettina Sharada Baumer.

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