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Where's my stuff?

We offer online order status, a feature that will let you check on your past and pending orders. To track the status of your order, click the My Account link in the upper-left corner of any page on our Web site. Then enter your e-mail address and password in the fields provided, and click the Log In button. You'll then be able to view a list of all of your orders with us.

Please refer to the Status column of the order in question. While your order is in process, its status in this column will be "In Progress." This means that we've processed your order but the items have not yet shipped. This status message will change when we ship your order.

Once your order has shipped, its status will be "Shipped." If you selected  Expedited Shipping, or Express Shiping , a tracking number will also be listed. If you selected Standard Shipping, no tracking information will be listed, since these shipping methods can't be tracked. We'll also send you a Shipment Notification via e-mail.

When we detect questionable activity related to an order we receive, we will mark the order with a 'Customer review in progress' status and perform fraud detection checks on the order to reduce your exposure to risk. In general, we complete reviews within 24-48 hours. For certain orders posing a higher potential risk , Bagchee specialists will perform even more extensive fraud detection checks for our protection. In these rare cases, reviews may require more time. Once we confirm the validity of the order, the order will display a 'In Progress' status.

In the rare instance when items in your order are no longer available, we will cancel the order. If this happens, the status note will read "Cancelled." We'll also send you an e-mail letting you know that the order was canceled. If the order marked as being cancelled, your credit card will be refunded for the cancelled part of the order and you will receive e-mail confirmation of the credit.

Your order's total processing timeframe depends on  where it is being shipped, and the shipping method you chose. See our Shipping, Tracking, and Delivery page for more details.

If you have not received your order within 30 days of its shipment date, please contact Customer Service immediately. We are unable to refund lost orders reported to us more than 60 days after the shipment date.

If you have specific questions about your order, feel free to contact Customer Service for further assistance. Please be sure to include your Order Number when you write in to us.

When viewing your order status, you'll be able to see which items have already shipped and which are in process. If your order was shipped by UPS, Federal Express, TNT or DHL we'll include a tracking number.