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Publisher & Vendor Guides

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Submitting Content

Content has two primary categories at bibliographic data (title, author, etc.) and merchandising data (description, cover image, etc.). You can send us both types of data.

After you have become a Vendor of Record, the next step for listing a book with is to send in bibliographic data. Bibliographic data should be sent at least 30 days prior to publication, or as soon as possible. If data changes before publication, please send updates and they will be applied.

While bibliographic data will ensure the book's listing on, the more merchandising data provided by the publisher -- cover image, promotional copy, etc. -- the more likely it is that the book will sell.

Procedures on data formatting and transmission are outlined below. Please note that this data must be provided by the publisher. Authors wishing to add data to are encouraged to contact their publisher to begin this process. Self-published authors, however, are advised to contact us with updates. All data is subject to verification.


Sending Your Information

There are two ways to provide us with information about your book.


If you are a publisher or distributor, this is the preferred means for adding content. Please send your content via email to

CD-ROM, Zip Disk, or Floppy Disk

These media provide an optional but slower method for sending us your information.

 Content on a CD-ROM or zip/floppy disk should be formatted according to the protocols described below in Preparing Text. If you are submitting content on CD-ROM or zip/floppy disk, it should be mailed to:

4384/4A Ansari Road

New Delhi 110002



Preparing Cover Images

Please follow all directions carefully. No matter how you transmit your cover images -- by email, CD, or FTP -- they will need to be properly formatted.

• We accept the following file formats: TIFF or JPEG. Use highest jpeg quality setting. We will not accept PDF files or MS Word documents.

• The longest side of the digital image must be between 750-2,000 pixels, with the shorter side proportional.

• Scanner resolution must be between 100-150 dpi.

• Do not send extremely high resolution scans.

• The image must be a flat cover scan cropped tight to the sides of the product. (Do not send one image containing both the front and back of the product, or an image with drop shadows; three dimensional photos will only be accepted in certain cases, such as multivolume sets.)

• Non-book product images may be three dimensional photos with a white background.

• Separate image files MUST be provided for every ISBN. If the same cover is being used for a paperback/hardcover combo, you will need to duplicate the image and name it accordingly.

• Each image file should contain only one product or ISBN. Do not submit group shots of products. Do not submit multiple products in one file.

• ISBN-13 and ISBN-10 are both acceptable. Use no hyphens in ISBNs. (For ISBN-10, use a capital letter if it contains an "X.")

• The bit depth should be set no lower than 8 bits.

• We accept scans of back and interiors. For interior shots, please submit no more than seven images.

• We can not process files that are improperly named.

• Any images sent by email should be sent as separate attachments named by ISBN. Do not place images in the body of the email.

Publishers without electronic capability may send us books so we can scan the covers. Please mail the books to:

Book in Hand - Selection

4384/4A Ansari Road

New Delhi 110002