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Commingling of Two Oceans: Majma-'Ul-Bahrain

Authors (s): Prince Muhammad Dara Shikuh (Author) , M. Mahfuz-ul-Haq (Translator)
Format: Hardcover
ISBN-13: 9788178710488
Pages: 187p., Tables; 23cm.
Pub. date: 01.01.2006, 1st ed.
Publisher: Hope India Publications
Language (s): English
Bagchee ID: BB29500
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Overview for Commingling of Two Oceans: Majma-'Ul-Bahrain

India is a land of great pluralism. Huge diversity. But, amazingly, the mirror of the nation's soul reflects unity in the picture. How has this, one is templed to ask, happened? Through the hard, sincere efforts of wise people like Prince Muhammad Dara Shikoh. The clear message that echoes from each world of the book is: Hindus and Muslims should meet and mingle as the two waters of two oceans do when they come together. That is the only way to live happily. The book carries a learned introduction by Dr. Asghar Ali Engineer.

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  • Dara Shikoh - The sufi Prince that India lost

    (More than year ago) By, M Saleem Azad

    This is a wonderful work by a wonderful personality that the land of India ever produced. By going through this book you can have an idea what India has been had Dara Shikoh taken over the reigns in place of Aurangzeb.The book is a treasure of Hindu and Islamic myticism and the remarkable similarities that these two great religions have.There are many other works also by the Prince but this is perhaps the most important and scarcely available book. A 'must-read' one. A great indicator of sufi thought.

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