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Selected Works of M.N. Roy (Volume II): 1923-1927

Authors (s): Sibnarayan Ray (Author)
Format: Softcover
ISBN-13: 9780195654349
Pages: xvi+707p., Plates; Maps; Index; 25cm.
Pub. date: 01.01.2000, 1st ed.
Publisher: Oxford University Press
Language (s): English
Bagchee ID: BB1766
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Overview for Selected Works of M.N. Roy (Volume II): 1923-1927

M.N. Roy was an outstanding intellectual-activist of the first half of the twentieth century.  He had few peers in the diversity and richness of his revolutionary experience.  He took an active and leading part in revolutionary movements in India, Mexico, the Soviet Union, and China.  Roy was a political contemporary and colleague of stalwarts like Lenin, Trotsky, Stalin, Mao, Ho Chi Minh, Bukharin, Zinoviev, and Borodin.  The vicissitudes of Roy's life were indeed extraordinary.  At the same time, he was a penetrating and prolific writer, whose works run to over a hundred times.  His writings are indicative of his extraordinary analytical ability and the transcontinental sweep of his vision.  Volume II of the Selected Works presents a selection of his principal writings between 1923 and 1927.  Many of these writings have not been available in print for a very long time as they were proscribed by the government immediately on publication.  The volume includes the complete texts of the famous Political Letters and Future of Indian Politics, the Open Letter to J.R. MacDonald, his speeches at the Fifth Congress at the Comintern, a selection of his articles in The Vanguard, The Masses, Inprecor, and The Communist International, and his major speeches in China, where he was sent as Chief Comintern Delegate in 1927.  By 1926, Roy was at the height of his Comintern career - a member of its Executive Committee and Presidium, its Secretariat and Orgburo and Joint Secretary of the Chinese Commission.
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